About Us

Our history is a little bit love story, a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and a science lesson here and there…

When David and I married, he brought with him many years of expertise as a farmer, rancher, and world class research scientist at a major University. I was a "city girl" ER doctor and researcher, who had fallen head over heels in love with him (and his cattle!). Together, we committed to use our passion for our cattle and our scientific research backgrounds to improve the quality and innovation in the world of SimGenetics.

Over the past few years we have been incredibly busy! We were fortunate enough to acquire Cross Creek Ranch from the estate of H. Ward Lay, who had lovingly fashioned it into a beautiful mix between working cattle ranch and resort. It has been the perfect place to incubate our growing seed stock and show cattle business, and is located in the stunning town of Blue Ridge, Texas which is full of rolling green hills and huge hardwood trees, reminding me of my childhood in Kentucky.

Recent history has found us on a "mission" to increase both the quality and quantity in our donor pen, to allow us to improve our genetics and the offerings we can provide for you. We thank Jered Shipman for being there every step of the way to guide us in these important decisions, realizing that it is the cow family that sets the whole tone for your operation. Our scientific backgrounds have pushed us to pioneer new methods and devices… so stay tuned for more information about our Heifer Preferred (HP) flushes and our Calf Crop devices, both aimed at helping all of us work smarter (none of us can work harder!) to achieve our goals.

The other commitment we have made is to help educate those that will be the future leaders in agriculture. While we work to breed the show heifer that will bring home the banner, we work with our buyers to understand that you can have it all… a great show heifer that will someday soon become a donor for you in your own herd, should you want to continue with cattle. On a personal level, we have had outstanding success with our part time cattleman from Blue Ridge High School, Dalton Eaves, and our eager "ranch hands" from Texas A&M Commerce, Meagan Alexander and Madison Fain. They have all been so willing, so enthusiastic, and so helpful!

We would like to thank God for the generous, undeserved blessings that he has showered on us, our parents who have been a huge influence on our lives, and our nine children and their families for their love, help, and support. Finally, we thank you, our customers, for you past and future support and ideas.

Please know that the light is always on, and whether you just want to talk cattle or catch large-mouth bass in the stocked lake, you always have a standing invitation to visit us at Cross Creek Ranch!

Dr. Jane Maass